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EFi is committed to promoting and integrating the development of the entire EOS ecosystem including DeFi and Dapp. EFi will do its best to push EOS to a whole new level.

Project Introduction

For a long time, Ethereum has been the leader of DeFi, but the high fees and complex DeFi logic of Ethereum have prevented a large number of users from participating in DeFi applications.
TRON, another public chain based on decentralized applications, is too centralized. Projects that Justin Sun does not approve will have difficulties to develop. EOS, as a public chain with excellent performance, is more suitable than any public chain to reach user groups that cannot be reached by Ethereum's DeFi, and EFi was born as a result.

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We recommend that you use the EFi products in TokenPocket, MathWallet, StartEOS, MEETONE, DappBird, Wombat, imToken, and other wallets.
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