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1. Project vision

The world is being blockchainized and tokenized, and blockchain will greatly enhance the openness and collaboration of the financial world. These tokens are being interconnected and integrated in a credible way, and the ways of integration are becoming diversified. It may be in the form of Dapp, or maybe in the form of building an application chain protocol, an open Internet of tokens is slowly taking shape, and eHUB is based on decentralized bridging and decentralized endorsement technology, through the construction of infrastructure and core applications.

2. eHUB overview

eHUB is an open protocol that can realize private cross-chain value transfer permissionless. The eHUB network (with SDK attached) can allow developers to introduce cross-chain assets into their DeFi applications.
With a dedicated adapter, eHUB’s DeFi application can bring cross-chain functions to its users, and users don’t need to worry about a series of issues such as token minting, destructing, token wrapping, and token unwrapping.
For example, you can deposit your own native BTC or ETH as collateral into its eHUB gateway, and the smart contract of the eHUB virtual machine will issue corresponding hETH on EOS.
eHUB can greatly expand the value carrying of existing DeFi applications and create a brand new business model.

Multi-collateral asset lending

By collateralizing cross-chain assets, such as BTC, ETH, etc., use existing DeFi smart contracts for lending or generating synthetic assets.

Trading cross-chain assets in DEX

Integrate cross-chain assets such as BTC and ETH into the decentralized exchange (DEX) to expand the asset value of the liquidity pool.

Cross-chain OTC transactions

Using the eHUB network for cross-chain OTC transactions will completely remove the risk of centralization of trust.
Benchmarking project: Ethereum Ren Protocol, which current market value is $339,112,293
50% of the cross chain fee and trading fee of eHUB protocol will be used to buy back Diamond (DMD) and 50% will be used to buy back HUB.

3. HUB Token

HUB is the token of the eHUB network protocol. As a decentralized cross-chain asset protocol, the governance power belongs to the entire eHUB community. The HUB token is mainly used to govern the future development of the eHUB network.
Token symbol: HUB
Total supply: 4,000,000