How to swap
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    Click this link to download TokenPocket.
3. After successfully import and create an EOS account, set EOS as the underlying asset for the TP wallet.
4. Tap on [Discover], search for [DolphinSwap], and enter its home page. Now you can see that your account has been logged in automatically. If not, tap on [Login], and the system will automatically log in to your EOS account. You will see your DOP balance and the total supply of DOP.
5. Swap tokens. Tap on [Menu] and enter the exchange. Select the tokens you want to swap and enter the amount. Please note that you are advised to set the slippage limit before conducting the swapping. Click on this link to see how to set the slippage limit. If the slippage of the transaction exceeds the limit you set, the transaction will be automatically canceled. Confirm the transaction and the token you swapped will enter your EOS account.
Last modified 1yr ago
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