About DMD

Diamond project overview

DeFi (Decentrlized Finance) is a cryptocurrency financial product without the participation of banks, governments, commercial institutions and other centralized organizations. DeFi has problems such as high thresholds, high friction costs, high risks, etc., which caused a large number of users unable to be involved in DeFi products so the Gathering Finance platform came into being.

Diamond is a decentralized financial gathering platform that supports multiple DeFi protocols and it is established on the EOS public chain. Users deposit funds on the Diamond platform, and the platform will automatically allocate funds to the DeFi protocol with the highest revenue through different strategies so that users’ Funds can get the greatest financial return.

Diamond machine gun pool

Diamond Vault focuses on DeFi. Users only need to press one key to invest to enjoy the highest DeFi mining revenue on the market without additional operations, which greatly reduces the barriers for beginners. Diamond Vault will be an open protocol that supports wallets and exchanges.

Lower the threshold

Although the transaction fee of EOS is relatively low, it is difficult for users to understand due to the existence of a large number of professional terms such as CPU, NET, RAM, etc., which causes a large number of problems, which make it hard for new users to come in. Diamond Vault only needs one-click to complete the recharge and you can start mining immediately to enjoy the high returns of DeFi.

Reduce security risks Diamond

Vault will help users conduct security assessments of DeFi products. Vault will only participate in DeFi products with higher security and try its best to avoid problems such as the project team's money running away and hacker attacks.

Income appreciation

Diamond Vault will promptly convert the income obtained from finance management into DMD and distribute it to the users. There have been flash crashes in many DeFi projects but since Vault keeps conduct the selling operation, the token price of flash crashes is guaranteed not to affect users' earnings. DMDs that continue to be repurchased will generate expectations of price increases. This strategy is conducive to the appreciation of DMD assets in the hands of users.

In short, Diamond Vault is the capital entrance of EOS DeFi and the engine of EOS DeFi ecology.

Token DMD

DMD is the governance token of the Diamond Gathering Finance platform. People who hold DMD have the right to vote for proposals of the entire Diamond platform, which is called DIP (Diamond-Improvement-Proposals) and make decisions for the development of the Diamond platform. The Diamond platform will be deeply integrated with the EOS ecosystem, such as node voting, cross-chain assets, and other multi-party cooperation. The Diamond platform will strictly follow the voting results of the DMD community, and the founding team will work with the community to maintain the development of the platform.

Token symbol: DMD

Total tokens: 30000

The fairest distribution method: There are no founders, no investors, no pre-mining, no additional issuance in DMD diamond issuance, and all people are equal. We hope that through this fair distribution method, users can participate in promoting the development of EOS DeFi.

Online exchanges:

OKEX, MXC, Hoo.com, CoinEx, BiKi, Hotbit, Newdex, LBank