About dBG
dBG is the second dToken of Diamond Vault, which is used for BigGame's staking finance and transactions.

1. The core model

The user deposits BG to the vault and obtains the dBG token. The vault stakes BG to the BigGame platform to obtain staking income. The BG token obtained every hour is returned to the vault as the value-added part of dBG; the EOS income obtained every hour will be immediately distributed to the users who hold dBG, and the user needs to go to the vault to claim this part of the income. dBG will be able to trade in Dolphin swap and participate in liquidity mining.
1 dBG >= 1BG

2. Description

2.1 Deposit

Deposit BG to get dBG
Deposit 1 BG and get dBG according to the following formula 1 * (current total dBG) / current total BG funds

2.2 Appointment of withdrawal

BG uses an appointment to withdraw. Click Appointment, send dBG to the contract, and generate a retrieval order. It is estimated that the retrieval will be completed within 1 hour, and the retrieved BG will be sent directly to the user account.

2.3 Receive income

Users can go to the vault to receive EOS dividend income once per hour.

2.4 Income distribution: Harvest

Every hour, the staking incomes obtained from the BigGame platform are sent. The obtained BG income is stored in the Vault, and the obtained EOS income is distributed to the dBG holders in proportion to the dBG holdings. Note that the dBG holders need to apply for it in the Vault.
If the user's dBG is market-making in Dolphin swap at this time, the mapping method will be used to distribute incomes to market-making users according to the market-making ratio, instead of the swap contract.
Rewards distribution:
    For EOS, 90% will be distributed to users and 10% will be exchanged for DMD (3% to developers; 6% determined by DMD-DAO; 1% strategy fee)
    In the BG part, 90% is added to the warehouse, 10% is exchanged for DMD (3% to the developer; 6% determined by DMD-DAO; 1% strategy fee)
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