About DOP

DOP is the governance token of the DolphinSwap platform, which will be deeply bound to the DolphinSwap business. DOP tokens will not be raised or reserved. 100% is generated through mining, and 80% of the tokens generated by mining are awarded to participants and liquidity providers, 7.5% of DOP will be allocated to the developer fund for the long-term development of DolphinSwap, 10% will be allocated to the Vault, and 2.5% is used for market operations. Diamond will make a lot of linkage with DolphinSwap and will be an important part of the EFi ecosystem.

Total supply: 6,000,000

Token distribution:

(1) Genesis mining: a total of 2 weeks, with 8% of the total supply, or 480,000.

Start at 2020–09–20 13:00 UTC

End at 2020–10–04 13:00 UTC

(2) Liquidity mining: the DolphinSwap V1 will go online and start mining after Genesis mining.

4% of the total supply in the first week, or 240,000

3% of the total supply in the second week, or 180,000

2% of the total supply in the third week, or 120,000

1%, or 60,000, will be released weekly, with a total supply of seven weeks.

The release in the first three months totals 24%, and the release after three months will be determined by the DOP holder’s vote. The community governance proposal will be officially launched one month after Genesis mining.

DOP holders will have the following rights:

(1) DOP is DohpinSwap’s governance token. As long as you hold DOP, you will be able to vote on DolphinSwap’s governance proposal to determine the future development of DolphinSwap.

(2) DolphinSwap’s transaction trading fee will be paid 70% to the liquidity provider, 15% will automatically repurchase DOP and burn it, and 10% for developers and 5% will be used to repurchase DMD and hand it over to DMD-DAO for processing.